Mac's got a new look in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia season 15 sneak peek – The A.V. Club

Each time it seems like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s coming to an end, fans are reminded that the show could easily go on forever. In fact, McElhenney told The A.V. Club in 2019 that Larry David advised him to “never stop” and “just keep doing it” because if they ever did a final episode, [fans] will “just destroy you for it.” So, while we haven’t had a new episode in two years, the Paddy’s Pub gang is coming back soon.

Both the Instagram page for the FXX show and McElhenney himself shared a sneak peek of the upcoming 15th season that just wrapped filming; the picture features Charlie (Charlie Day), Mac (McElhenney), and Dennis (Glenn Howerton). Charlie looks the same and Dennis just looks just slightly more unsettling than usual, with his hair combed back, giving some Norman Bates vibes. But let’s talk about Mac’s new look: he’s sporting two earrings, long hair, and a horseshoe mustache. It’s the most Philly dirtbag look Mac’s sported on the show yet. McElhenney’s no stranger to drastically changing his appearance for the character either, so this transformation—though very amusing—is tame in comparison. The actor and show creator decided to gain 50 pounds for season 7. His weight gain isn’t addressed until the season’s 10th episode, “How Mac Got Fat.” McElhenney then took the bit to another extreme, getting jacked. He broke down how he accomplished this feat in a Men’s Health piece.

Full photo editing software It's a great alternative to the most popular photo editors out there, and it comes with all the same features and more. Thousands of overlays and texts are included, too. There’s no word yet on when It’s Always Sunny’s season 15 will arrive, but, on the plus side, this gives plenty of time for fans of the show to watch Mythic Quest, created by Day, McElhenney (who also is the show’s star), and It’s Always Sunny writer and executive producer Megan Ganz. This Apple TV+ series is slightly less edgy and dark than the FXX show, but will surely win over It’s Always Sunny fans.


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